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AI Tools in Education

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Institution: Stanford Department of Education
Timeline: September 2023-Present
Project Background:

This project aims to deeply analyze the current use of AI tools in education as they become increasingly pivotal in the ways that children engage with new materials. With emerging technologies such as LLMs and other AI tools, these tools can become new opportunities for styles of learning, but may also present new challenges in how students are evaluated and expected to learn. Ultimately, AI tools will inevitably change classroom environments, and it is important to critically analyze them to ensure the best learning experiences for every child.  

Project Goals:

This project aims to understand how AI tools are used in educational settings and the specific purposes are use for. It is also important to note how each tool leverages AI differently to tackle an aspect of education. Ultimately, our goal is to understand the current state of AI in K-12 education, understand its opportunities and unique challenges, and provide future research directions to improve the way it is utilized in classroom settings.  

More coming soon!
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