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UX/UI Design

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#OOTD is a fashion application facilitating the documentation, creation, and sharing of daily outfits, tailored for users seeking to optimize their morning routines through innovative features such as outfit comparison, event consideration, and collaborative decision-making with friends. 

Scope: Interactive Design Course
Duration: 8 weeks
Tools: Figma, React, Firebase, Material-UI

Role: User Researcher/UX Designer


How might we streamline the process of getting ready in the morning and personalize fashion recommendations so people can re-invent their own closet?

People often feel rushed in morning routines, and find that they don't have enough time to curate their outfits to match their daily schedule efficiently.





This application provides people quick outfit recommendations, incorporates social connections to help make fashion choices, and streamlines the closet digitization process.


We interviewed relevant communities members who have varying schedules and morning routines for more perspective. We analyzed the available closet digitization platforms and applications, and summarized our findings to better improve our application for better solutions.


We brainstormed possible solutions, and settled on a mobile application due to the amenities that it provides for the process of closet digitization and making fashion choices. We created digital wireframes to start brainstorming the process of implementing the application, and tested paper prototypes on various users.

Low-Fidelity Wireframe Sketches:


Overview of the Application:


#OOTD Key screens.png


We were able to create an application that is able to personalize fashion choices, digitize a user's closet, and incorporate social connections to help facilitate their fashion choices. We worked to lessen the activation energy of digitizing a closet, and incorporating values such as inclusivity, diversity, and efficiency into creating an intuitive application.

Although we were constrained by the time frame of an academic quarter, we were satisfied with the progress we were able to make with our application. We were able to build a working, downloadable application, with hard-coded elements to replicate its functions. It was a fun and enjoyable process to find creative ways to empower individuals to re-invent their own closet, and find way
s to increase social connection through one of my personal interests: fashion.

#OOTD won 4th place in over 40+ projects of the design course, deemed by judges from the design industry. #OOTD was a wonderful opportunity to incorporate user research, creativity, and AI-applications to help empower users and their fashion choices. I will continue working to center user experiences, efficiency, and creativity as a designer.

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